Thursday, July 24, 2014

Greater by Steven Furtick book review

Welcome to my review for Greater by Steven Furtick, I was sent a free copy through blogging for book so I could make an informed review.

This book is about igniting Gods vision for you like through the story of Elisha the old testament prophet. Its inspiring and makes you want to do more for God than you are doing by having faith that God will lead the way

This book goes beyond Christian self help books and is intended to help us learn from the story of Elisha. It is very in depth and is a good study. While dreaming bigger we need to start smaller but always put Gods plan ahead of what we think out life should be . it all about faith and not limiting us to where we currently are.

I hope you give greater a try thanks for reading my review

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Publix Love to Shop Here, Love to Save Here event

Welcome to my review for the new savings even at Publix you can get some great deals on quick fix meals starting July 17th. Publix will be having the new and very tasty Hamburger Helper Bold on sale and the Betty Crocker potato's . You will be able to stock up on your favorite Hamburger helpers and Betty Crocker Potato Pouches as well as give some of these new Bold hamburger helpers a try.

Hamburger Helper and Betty Crocker Potatoes at 10/$10 and you can print a coupon so you can even get more savings. This is a great time to stock up for those days when you want a tasty meal and want it fast.

I love Betty Crocker Potato pouches they are easy and so good. I got to try some of the new Hamburger helper bold and Love the Crispy Buffalo Chicken, If you have not tried it yet this one comes with a pasta salad that everyone is sure to love! I got one to try but went out and got more they are really complete and so good .

Publix will be having these deals up till 8/6/14 so be sure and stop by with your coupons in hand to get all of them and really stock up. Whats Great about the Betty Crocker potato's is they are easy to make and go well with a BBQ. I use them year around because they are fast and taste great and are quick and easy to fix.

You can get printable coupons right now at the Publix Ready Plan Save web site here at this link

Visit Ready Plan Save for coupons

I was provided with a gift pack from Platefull co op and general mills in order to do this post but my opinions are my own thanks for looking

Monday, July 21, 2014

Woman of Courage By Wanda E book review

I loved reading Woman of Courage By Wanda E Brunstetter, I really hatted it when the book ended because I really fell in love with the story so much and all the things that happened in it, This is a true Christian adventure and anyone who loves historical Christian fiction will just love it.

I do not like to give to much of the story away in my reviews but I will tell you that its about a young woman who start traveling into the wilderness with her father and a guide to minister to the indians in the year 1837.

She ends up loosing her father and her guide to tragedy and has to try and go it alone to her destination. I am Telling you so much happens in this book you will just want it to go on forever.

It is my favorite book by Wanda Brunstetter, I have many of her books and they are always good but this one really keeps you on the edge of your seat.

I hope you give it a try soon you will love it if you like reading what life was like on the frontier in 1837. I received a free copy to do this review but my opinions are my own.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Shake the Crave – Shake Mix. Review

Welcome to my review for Shake the Crave – Shake Mix. I was sent 2 single serve packets to try in vanilla and chocolate. I am reviewing them mainly for taste. That being said I do like the flavor they do taste like a shake and the vanilla is my favorite.

Besides boosting your energy levels and giving you a feeling of well-being, Shake the Crave will help you feel more satisfied and full longer. Shake the Crave is great to drink at breakfast or lunchtime as a healthy snack or as a quick meal on the go.

These come in multi serve canisters in the flavors chocolate and vanilla. I think they work best using a blender and they are very nice using a almond milk so the calories are not to huge.

I think they taste great and would be handy to have around to provide you with energy and very nice boost and keep you fuller longer. I found that I was fuller longer with these than with other shakes I have tried, and I did not have as much cravings for sweets. You can find all the info you might need about these products at the links below . The web site to find these on is called Trusted health products thanks for looking

Shake The Crave facebook

Trusted Health products

Shake the Crave on Trusted health products site

Gratiae body butter and body scrub Review

Welcome to my review for Gratiae body butter and body scrub Review . These are Luxury personified. I have used a lot of body butter but this one beats them all both for scent and for results. The scent I got to try is passion fruit and lime and combination is just so unique and pretty I find myself opening up the jar to smell it.

The body butter is so smooth and the skin just drinks it in the skin is just so soft for the whole day I was amazed. Gratiae is Organic Beauty by nature which means they are healthy and natural and have only the rarest and best ingredients for your skin.

I love Gratiae Products because of the unique ability they have to seep into skin in a way other do not. They are never greasy and smell so pretty they lift the mood by just wearing them.

The body Scrub is in the same scent and is a granulated natural scrub that exfoliates the body and get is ready it for the application of the butter. This is really lovely to use in the bath and it really is a great body scrub, it smells fantastic and my skin felt so nice after using it.

As you can see from the photo it comes in lovely jars that look so nice together. These are truly a joy to use and deliver unparalleled luxurious results.

Gratiae makes so many wonderful things for the face and body and they are all natural, organic and made with only the best ingredients available. I hope you give these 2 a try soon they work best together and you will love them.

You can find out more info and where to buy these 2 items and other wonderful and unique Gratiae product on the web site here at this link

Gratiae web site

I did a video review for these so you could see packaging better I hope you have a look at that review bleow and thanks for looking

I received a free sample in order to make an informed review but my opinions are my own

Tre'sor Rare Ultimate Pearl Protecting and defence care duo Shield Review

Welcome to my review for Tre'sor Rare Ultimate Pearl Protecting and defence care duo Shield. What this luxurious skin care dose is protect your face from the environment and get it ready for the day. It also adjusts to different environments and defends it.

This is in a pretty glass pink pump bottle and is like a very thin serum, you only need to use a little bit on the face for it to work and have you ready to start the day. I really like how nicely it goes on and how quick it drys so you can add a sunscreen or other day cream.

One of the things that This Ultimate Pearl shield dose is depollute the skin . This is award winning beauty backed by science and nature to give you the best shield you can find.

The elite formulas contain a rare blend of ingredients such as 24k gold, Diamonds, Pearls, Sapphires and rare plant extracts. The people at Tresor Rare have searched the world for the very best for ingredients for the skin.

I have been using this one for a short time but I can see that my skin is so much smoother after use and it has a lovely glow about it which is fresh and youthful. All you do is apply it in a circular motion to a clean dry face , let it dry and than go on and apply your day cream with a sunscreen and you are good to go.

here is a photo of the bottle in front of the information card I got with it.

As you can see its just so pretty and will look so nice on your vanity.

I did a video review for this one so you could see packaging better, I hope you have a look at that review below. you can find out more info or check out the other elite product at the Tre'sor web site here

Tre'sor Rare web site

I received a free sample in order to make an informed review but my opinions are my own

Premier By the Dead Sea Beautifying nail Kit Review

Welcome to my review for Premier By The Dead Sea Beautifying Nail kit. This wonderful kit has everything you need for beautiful nails and I really need it. My nails are atrocious, I really try and make them nice but back in the 90s when fake nail's were all the rage I use to always have them done or do them myself. I caused quite a bit of damage with all the acrylic stuff and now that are unsightly.

I love this nail kit because it has everything you could want with a hand and body cream, a cuticle cream , a very vine nail file and a buffing block. Anything made by Premier by the dead sea will be packed with nutrients and good for your nail's ingredients.

Formulated with dead sea minerals Plant extracts,vitamins A and E along with aloe vera, you are getting the very best for your hands and nails in one attractive kit.

I will be using this kit in the hopes it will reverse some of the damage I did to my nails and makes them look nicer.

I did a video review so I could show you packaging, its just so pretty and professional looking. It would make for a lovely gift.

You can find out more about this Premier product and other things they have available to buy at the link below, the nail kit can be found under gifts for her section of the web site

Premier By the Dead sea web site

This is the video review I did for it so you could see better contents. Thanks for looking

I received a free sample in order to make an informed review but my opinions are my own