Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Beautiful Pretender By Melanie Dickerson book review

Welcome to my review for the book The Beautiful Pretender By Melanie Dickerson I loved this book it has everything so rare in christian fiction it has knights and castles and takes place in the 1300s.

I dont like to give a lot of the story away in my reviews but I will say that I read this book in 2 days I could not put it down.

This is the story of Avelina who is commanded by her Lord to pretend to be his daughter and go to Thornbeck castle as one of many women that the Margrave of Thornbeck must choose from as a bride. Avelina is just the servant to the real daughter of the Lord because she has ran off but she will have to act the part but not so well as to have the Margrave choose her as his bride .

This book is filled with suspense and excitement I loved it . The main characters are christian and you have many prayers being said for many reasons in this story. You also have a whole lot of bad guys and girls in it that make it a great exciting story .

I sure hope you give it a try soon I know I will be reading it again its that entertaining.

I received a free copy from book look bloggers so I could do this review thanks for reading :)

Harvest snaps Review #harvestsnaps

Welcome to my review for the really fantastic Harvest Snaps snacks. These are very different in that they are very good for you with high fiber,low sodium and protein.

I love them because they are just really tasty and so light they have crunch but not so much crunch that you have to worry about your dental work. I am now 56 and I do have dental work I have to be really careful with but I do love a crunchy salty snack and Harvest Snaps give me all that and more.

These also do not cost a bunch just because they are good for you they are on sale a lot and come in so many different flavors you are sure to find one you like.

Everyone in my family loves these and they are a more healthy snack than chips. I like the high fiber which is good for anyone but especially people my age. Kids love these as well and their is nothing to not like about them they are fun and good for you .

I did a video review so you can see packaging I hope you give them a try soon they can be found at walmart and most other stores so you dont have to go out of you way to find them.

Here is the video review

I received free samples in order to make an informed review but my opinions are my own.

Sunmas Massager TENS unit wireless with remote review

Welcome to my review for the totally awesome Sunmas Massager! I really love this massager from Sunmas first its the first one I have tried that is wireless and would be very easy for anyone to use .

I use it on my lower back and the 20 min treatment is just so nice and works so well I am very happy to review it because its so different than any other TENS unit I have tried.

I like the way it stays on your body even when you want to lay down, I did that and it felt great because of its low profile is was very comfortable for me to lay down and do the treatment .

The very best thing about it is no wires ! You can get up do things and not worry about taking anything with you it just sticks to your skin and you can relax for do stuff, This is way different because when you have one attached to wires you have to take the base with you which can be a problem if you have to do something while treating.

Once the Sunmas is finished you can take it off easily and store it for next time Its really great , so great I did a video review for it. Here is that video review

This product made my lower back feel great and I think its a fantastic product. you can find it to buy through this link

Sunmas Massager

I received a discounted unit in order to make an informed review but my opinions are my own

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Micro-Pedi callus remover by Emjoi

Welcome to my review for the really awesome Emjoi Micro-Pedi callus remover. This one is battery operated and is very powerful and easy to use.

I love the design on this product its handle is shaped for comfort while you work on the calluses on the feet.

Its sanding head makes very quick work of getting your feet sandal ready for summer. It runs on 2 AA batteries and is very portable so you can take it with you if you travel.

One if the features I like is that the sanding disk is front facing and not completely exposed so you only sand what you want to sand, It kind of looks like a mans shaver in style as you will see in the photo.

All you have to do is make sure your feet are nice and clean and than use the Micro Pedi on and rough spots you find.

I have a problem with the sided of my feet for some reason they get really dry and even though I do lotion them they still get that way. I use the Micro-Pedi on it and you would not believe the dead skin that comes off of it.

The Micro-Pedi is very durable and works well on any calluses you may have on your feet. I also think it's a bit quieter than others.

Here is a photo of the back of the packaging so you know what to look for in the store

So if you want your feet looking beach and sandal ready for this summer I hope you give this Micro pedi a try its awesome.

You can find this product at a lot of different stores you can also find out more about Emjoi productsthrough the website at this link

Emjoi Micro-Pedi

This will run on 2 AA Bateries and you can use when ever you want you feet to look their best. After I use mine, I like to put on some really thick cream to help with the dry skin. A good one to use is KIEHL'S intensive Moisturizer for dry and Callused areas. This works great after you finish with the Micro Pedi its soothing and has no scent.

I received a free sample to try and to do this review thanks for looking

Monday, April 18, 2016

Amish Roll Butter from Minerva Diary review and available at Piggly Wiggly stores

Welcome to my review for the really tasty Amish Roll Butter from Minerva Diary farms. Minerva Diary is America's oldest family-owned dairy farm and now you can get this just awesome butter at you local Piggly Wiggly stores.

I got to try the salted and unsalted in 2 lb rolls and I am so happy I was asked to review it because its just so good and easy to cook with. This butter is better than others because the butter comes from pasture-raised cows, which means it is hormone and antibiotic-free. It is also 84 percent butter fat and hand-churned.

There is nothing like real butter of this quality to use for baking cookies or just having on toast. I think it brings out the flavor in all kinds of veggies and other foods very well.

This butter is slow churned in small batches-in the old fashion way so it has the right flavors and textures you really can get a better butter for the price and because the milk comes from local dairy farms that are pasture raised so they get to eat all the healthy grass they want.

This kind of way of making butter makes for a more tasty and health butter and you will be getting it from happy cows who are taken care of and loved.

You can find out a lot more about the products made by Minerva Diary, through this link

Minerva Diary

Piggly Wiggly stores have this available to buy so it will be easy to find. I hope you give it a try soon its really great . Here are some photos of the packages up close

I received a free sample in order to make an informed review but my opinions ar my own thanks for looking

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Purex Plus Clorox 2 laundry detergent review @purex

Welcome to my review for Purex Plus Clorox 2 laundry detergent The above photo is the bottle of Purex Plus Clorox 2 laundry detergent, I got to try through #socialinsiders , But its more than that look at how clean this product made my heirloom table cloth. it had BBQ sauce on it but it once again clean and pretty here is what the stain originally looked like

As you can see it was a mess before using Purex Plus Clorox 2 laundry detergent on it and that awesome because I love this table cloth.

This is a new product from Purex and you can now find it in most stores I found it at Publix

It will work one 100 stains

Is safe for colors

and contains an extra powerful burst of clorox 2 stain fighters for a lovely and bright clean.

The one I got to try was scented Sunny Linen and I have to say that this is such a pretty and fresh scent it make the laundry smell fantastic. This one also comes in the scent original fresh.

I think that this really saves me a step in doing my laundry because its got a stain fighter built right in it so no extra bottles of stuff to buy . I love the way it cleans and makes even set in stains that have been washed before get much better.

I have a nasty habit of spilling tea on my my T-Shirts and I have a nice off white one I just love but it has some tea stains on it . I washed that shirt In Purex Plus Clorox 2 laundry detergent, and now you can barley see the stain and if I did not tell you it was there you would not notice. I had tried everything on it before and nothing worked .

You can find more info about Purex Plus Clorox2 through this link

Purex Plus Clorox 2 laundry detergent

I did a video review for this wonderful detergent so I hope you have a look at it below

I received a free sample and some coupons in order to make an informed review but my opinions are my own

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Homestead Soap and Spa review #pamperedskin

Welcome to my review for Homestead Soap and Spa products . I have 2 video reviews for you today because I received a sample size but also wanted to show you the full sizes because the packaging is so pretty.

I love these products from Homestead because they are so well made and use very natural ingredients. They also smell fantastic and work really well for me .

First Is the bar soap which comes in different scents and really make the sink soft I wanted to try it on my face because I was that the ingredients would not harm my face and just might tighten up my pores which it did really well. I have also used it in the shower to experience the Lovely Scent Of Lilac, it cleans well and is easy on the skin.

Next is the Body butter which is so soft and lovely to use it really is a great body butter and I have use a few. This one is whipped and your skin will just love it. Because these products are made with Eggs and Goats milk they naturally provide you with antioxidants and will tighten pores . The goats milk will calm skin and sooth irritation.

I have actually used the body butter on my face on days when my skin is red due to harsh creams or serums I use, it make the redness way less noticeable.

Next is the lotion it come in a pump bottle and is so nice and smells fantastic its never sticky and absorbs really well.

Last is the sugar scrub I have also used this on my face and watched the pores just vanish its a wonderful scrub to use all over the body and I really love it.

Homestead Soap and Spa products come in a variety of scents so you can find the right one for you I love the Basilwood and the Lilac.

I sure hope you give them a try soon

You can find these and other products at this link

Homestead Soap and Spa

Here are the video reviews

I received free sample in order to make an informed review but my opinions are my won